DC Storm LPG c/L

The world's strongest propane driven dust extractor

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DC Storm LPG c 119900
DC Storm LPG L 119901

The DC Storm LPG c/L makes effective cleaning possible without electricity. With a rated airflow of 820m3/h this unit has the same capacity as its electric counterparts.
The machine is outfitted with a propane driven 21hp engine that can operate continuously for up to 8 hours on a full tank. Some of the included technical features include a three way catalytic muffler, O2 and exhaust sensors coupled to an automatic shut-down unit. Extra features of the unit include a pair of movable LED work lamps (24W) and a pair of USB charging ports for mobile devices (1 A/ 2.1 A)

The Storm LPG is designed for use with large floor grinders/polishers and in cases where large amounts of dust or chips must be extracted. It is important to note that this unit is constructed for outdoor use and should only be used indoors when adequate air ventilation is ensured. For more information please contact us.

The chassis oft the unit has integral fork pockets for use with a forklift for easy loading and movement when not utilizing the wheels.

The DC Storm LPG c/L is delivered as standard with the following:


  • (c) intellibag (46145). 10 pack/ Longopac flexible length (44077)
  • HEPA-filter (42807)
  • Fine filter, PTFE filter (44081) 


Mitata 1800x790x63
Paino c/L ca 375kg
Virtaus avoimessa imuaukossa 820m3/h
Alipaine, max 30 kPa
Teho 15 kW
Äänitaso 79 dB(A)

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Filter DC Storm, DC 5900, S 11000, S 21000, S 32000, S 34000, DC 11-Module

Intellibag DC 5900

Lisätarvikkeet Ø 50 mm


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