HEPA-Module Complete

  • easy to mount on top of an existing S11000 , DC 11-Module or DC 11000
  • just 200 mm extra height on the existing cyclone
  • fits on older and new cyclones
  • copes with high pressure and high air flow
  • (max Q= 1000 m3/h, max dp= 40 kPa)
  • easy filter change 



HEPA-Module Complete Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

S11000 HEPA AC 11034
S11000 HEPA DC 110304
S11000 X HEPA AC 11044
S11000 X HEPA DC 110404
HEPA-Module complete 4030


HEPA-Module mot hälsofarligt damm


Our customers have the possibility to complete or combine S11000 filter units, DC 11000 dust extractors and DC 11-modules with Dustcontrol's new HEPA-Module. It fulfills the HEPA 13 specifications and is excellent for cleaning air. The new module is specially suited to capture the smallest and most dangerous  particles. It also works as an extra protection for pump and motor. 

The HEPA-Module is a compact solution and can easily be mounted on top of an existing S11000, DC 11-Module or DC 11000 (for post-assembly with HEPA-Module complete, part no 4030).

The HEPA-Module complete (part no 4030) consists of two HEPA-filters (part no 42807), an outlet module (part no 43303) and an extra module ring (part no 43302) with a welded inner part to keep the filters in place, see picture. The HEPA-Module will be delivered with all necessary parts such as gaskets, joints and wand extensions for quick and easy mounting to the existing product. 


For more information how to choose the right model, please, contact our customer service.



Inlet 108mm
Outlet 108mm
Nominal flow  1000  m3/h 
Negative Pressure, max 40 kPa
Pressure drop 1,5  kPa at 750 m3/h 
Degree of seperation HEPA H13
Filter area 3,7 m2 x 2