DC 5900L 9,2 kW P

DC 5900L + Longopac plastic sacks
-get rid of large quantities of dust.

  • Dustfree sack removal  longopac plastic sacks
  • Efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • Easier transportation with handles both front and rear and tilteable cyclone 
  • Better ergonomic through adjustable handles
  • Tilteabel cyclone for easy filter exchange
  • Efficient HEPA filter with alarger filter area



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DC 5900L 9,2 kW P Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

DC 5900L 9,2 kW P 119333

The DC 5900L 9.2 kW generates an extremely large amount of  air flow and is therefore optimal for many extraction points. It is generally used in semi-mobile extraction systems where the machine is conveniently placed in a central location and connected to a hose or tubing system. Maximum efficiency is maintained with up to four simultaneous users.

The DC 5900L 9.2 kW  is delivered as standard with the following:

  • 1 pc x 20m Lonogopac plastic sacks
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42807)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 4292)


Weight , kg ca 210
Max Q,m3/h 800  
Max vacuum, kPa 28  
Motor Nameplate 9,2 kW  
Sound level 75 dB(A)  

Filter DC Storm, DC 5900, S 11000, S 21000, S 32000, S 34000, DC 11-Module