DC 1800 eco XL


  • Especially suited for parquet grinding and other working operations that produce light dust
  • Suitable for general cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws.
  • Slim, lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction.
  • Equipped with a steel container.


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DC 1800 eco XL Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

230 V,50 Hz 101880
230 V, 50 Hz auto 101881

Dustcontrol dust ectractor 1800 eco XL ideal for parquet grinding

The dust extractor DC 1800 eco XL is a solution for working with a parquet grinder without disturbing interruptions. Having the same performance like the DC 1800 eco it i also able to take care of larger amounts of dust thanks to its 60 liter container. As the DC 1800 eco XL is thought to be connected to a floor grinder it is equpped with an antistatic hose but without cleaning accessories.

The DC 1800 eco XL can also be ordered with autostart (Part no 101881).

The DC 1800 eco XL is delivered with the following:

  • Antistactic suction hose (Ø 38) 5 m (Part No 2012+2114)
  • Fine filter, cellulose (Part No 42029) 
  • HEPA H13 filter (Part No 42027)
  • Coupling socket 50/38 Part No 2108)
HxWxL cm 116x 38 x 38
Weight, lbs/kg 19 kg
Container 55 l
Max Q, m3/h 205
Max vacuum, 230 V 24
Power output 115/230 V 1340/1285 W
Sound level 68 dB(A)

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