S 21000 EX

Filter cleaning with reverse pulse.

Dustcontrols' S 34000 EX is CE and EX marked

S 21000 EX Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

S 21000 EX 119201

The S 21000 EX is constructed of modules and is therefore very flexible. The inlet modules can for example be both rotated and reversed.

The S 21000 EX is the new generation high vacuum dust collector for potentially combustible dust. The unit comply with the ATEX directive.

It has been created in order to meet various extraction requirements and to meet the challenges and rapid changes presented to modern industry. The system is marked with the EX symbol and is category 3D equipment according to directive 94/9/EC. This means that models with the EX symbol may be placed in areas classified as zone 22 according to directive 1999/92/EC.

Inlet mm Ø optional
Outlet mm Ø 250
Max Q 1500 m3/h
Part No.
Filter Antistatic 12 m2
Vent         Ø 400
Q-Pipe optional
Kst <= 200 bar/m/s

Compressed air 4 l/s, 4 bar
Connection, hose 6/8 mm
El connection 24V DC,12 W
Container 60 l
Soiled side air volume 464 l