DC Letkunkelauslaite 38

• Solid and maintenance-free
• Efficient source extraction
• 8 m/26 ft. hose, Ø 50 mm/2 in. + 2 m/6 ft. hose,
Ø 38 mm/1.5 in., both anti-static
• Applicable to all our source extraction systems


DC Letkunkelauslaite 38 Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

Wall mounted 7504
Celing mounted 7503

DC Hose Reel 38 is the second generation of our spring operated hose reel and is a complete redesign. The new DC Hose Reel 38 replaces part number 7305, which has been used for many years world wide. Due to its smooth operation the DC Hose Reel 38 is very user friendly. Simply pull down the hose and it locks in the desired position. Pull it again and the hose rewinds to the starting position.

The sealed drum guarantees smooth operation and protects the hose from every day wear and tear. The DC Hose Reel 38 can be installed either on the ceiling (Part No 7503) or on the wall (Part No 7504).

DC Hose Reel 38 is more sturdy than its predecessor and has a longer reach and a wider radius of action due to the extended hose. Hence the sealed drum is not pivotal anymore and mounted in a fixed position instead.

  38 mm
Letkun pituus 8 m/26 ft., Ø 50 mm/2 in. + 2 m/6 ft., Ø 38mm/1.5 in.
Putkistoliitäntä Ø 50 mm/2 in.
Paineilma-automatiikka min 5 bar (75 psi)