Wall Outlets

Wall Outlets Art nr Näytä mallit Sulje

38/50, -, peened aluminum 3230
38/50, micro-switch, peened aluminum 8439
38/50, -, white enamel 3231
38/50, micro-switch, white enamel 8453

For removable connection of the suction hose. The suction hose must be equipped with a connecting sleeve. Installed in the wall with an installation kit, these provide a finished, flush mounted outlet valve.

The valve body with spring loaded flap is installed after the wall is finished. On systems with on demand start-stop, the wall outlet should be equipped with a micro-switch. This will give a start-stop signal for vacuum producer control.

dmax/D A Control Finish Part No
38/50 mm X38 --- peened aluminum 3230
38/50 mm X38 micro-switch peened aluminum 8439
38/50 mm X38 --- white enamel 3231
38/50 mm X38 micro-switch white enamel 8453