DC Box package

Dustcontrol DC Box for cleaning of machines and tools

The DC Box has been specially designed for cleaning smaller dust extractors and hand held tools. DC box is designed like a fume-cupboard with a door on each side to pull the equipment in and out.  The DC Box is equipped with a ø 76-connection to source extraction and a connection to our AirCube 500*, along with lighting and compressed air. A disposal sack for heavy dust and used filters is attached to the bottom of the DC Box.

To pull heavy machines in and out of the DC Box an external trolley** can be used.  The rotatable trolley inside the DC Box will then permit easy handling of the equipment during the cleaning operation.

The three openings on the front side are intended to be used by the operator to clean the equipment. Two of them are for the operator’s hands and one functions as an air inlet. Cleaning of the equipment 
is done with di erent suction tools, compressed air 
and brushes.

Due to the ø 76-connection the DC Box can be integrated with all preseparators and vacuum cleaners of Dustcontrol, in that way offering a customer specified DC Box Package, e.g. DC F Mobile and the DC 11-Module.